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    • 所屬分類:定西工業分析系列
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    • 發布日期:2022-04-02 17:03:52
    • 產品概述
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    1.1 Overview

    Thank you for purchasing our company's automatic industrial analyzer. In order to ensure the correct operation and maintenance of the instrument, please readthis manual in detail, which introduces the instrument's workflow, troubleshooting, and some operating skills and precautions. If you have any questions, please contact our technical support staff immediately and we will give you more detailed answers.

    The automatic industrial analyzer is mainly used to determine the moisture, ash and volatile content of coal and other organic matter. Its main feature is that the entire test process is automatically completed by computer control, with short analysis time and high test accuracy. And the instrument has high reliability through the use of advanced acquisition and transmission data control system. The instrument has been well received by users and experts since it was put on the market, and has now become our company's leading product.

    In order to enable relevant personnel to better grasp the use and maintenance of the instrument, we have compiled this manual for the automatic industrial analyzer, which gives a comprehensive introduction to how to use and maintain the instrument correctly.

    1.2 Technical Parameters

    1.2.1Power requirements

    Tester host: voltage (220±22)V, frequency (50±1)Hz, current 20A, power 4.5kW

    Computer: voltage (220±22)V, frequency (50±1)Hz, power 400W

    Display: voltage (220±22)V, frequency (50±1)Hz, power

    1.2.2Environmental requirements

    Temperature: 10-35; Relative humidity: 35-85%; Atmospheric pressure: 86-106kPa

    There is no strong vibration, dust, strong electromagnetic interference, corrosive gas around.

    1.2.3 Number of crucibles

    There are 24 volatiles and 24water ash, 24 samples can be tested at the same time.

    1.2.4 Sample quality

    Coal sample (0.9000-1.1000) g

    1.2.5 Furnace temperature range


    1.2.6 Analysis accuracy

    It is better than GB/T212-2007 "Industrial Analysis of Coal" standard requirements.

    1.2.7 Dimensions

    Volatile content: 605 (length) × 550 (width) × 800 (height) (mm)

    Water gray part: 550 (length) × 585 (width) × 530 (height) (mm)


    Volatile part: About 60kg water cement part: About 50kg

    1.3User-supplied items

    Absorbent cotton (medical), standard sample, moisture crucible

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