How to Contribute to MkLinux

Use the system

MkLinux is an open source software project run by an all volunteer army. It relies heavily on both the good will and support of its users. In order for companies such as Perforce, Netscape, EDE Development Enterprises and many others to provide software that runs on MkLinux, they need to know that there will be a market for their software. Simply using MkLinux, and politely letting people know that you use it, is a tremendous benefit to the development effort. Continue reading »

DVD to BlackBerry Converter User Guide

Wondershare DVD to BlackBerry is a very professional and easy to use DVD to BlackBerry conversion application. The steps below are to guide you on how to convert DVD movies for playback on BlackBerry:

Step 1: Import DVD Movie

Insert your DVD disc to your DVD ROM, click the Load DVD button, select your drive and click OK. If your movie is saved on your hard drive, you can just select the folder of your DVD movie, and click OK. After you import your DVD disc, you can see all the chapters and titles in it, and then you can select the titles or chapters you want to convert. If you want to convert the whole movie, you can just keep all the titles or chapters ticked.  Continue reading »

Checkout Native Client for yourself at Google Code!

If we can expect to see some manifestation of Native Client in Chrome then get ready for fraggin with Quake , photo managing/editing with Picasa, and listening/purchasing music with a Googlized iTunes-like application, except everything would run inside your browser as a tab.

Then we have Google Gears which more and more sites are utilizing to enhance their web apps and provide ‘offline’ capabilities. Gears is highly beneficial as it caches the necessary data and info from Gears enhanced sites like Google Docs and allows you to use such services on your PC similar to as if they were normally installed apps, thus increasing performance/speed and reducing the needed bandwidth . Continue reading »

Will Chrome OS be able to run apps natively?

Google’s highly anticipated Chrome OS even before its much awaited release is being heralded as a revolutionary or more precisely an evolutionary change in operating system development and design. Being dedicated to webapps and cloud computing Google as usual seems to be keeping their fingers on the collective pulse of the tech-savvy as more business and individuals are beginning to do more work and store more data in the Cloud rather than natively. This is highly beneficial to Google’s business plan with Chrome OS as it seems there primary revenue stream from the system will emerge from lucrative web-based advertising. Continue reading »

Installing Software on Ubuntu:,, Ubuntu Software Center

Software installation on Ubuntu and really all major Linux distributions contrary to some people’s uneducated rants on the subject can actually be much easier than anything Windows has to offer. You just have to be accustomed to it and accepting of the software found in your desired distributions repositories. In Ubuntu’s instance there are nearly 2500 GUI-centered applications and close to twenty-five thousand other packages which include drivers, modules, and numerous command-line utilities. In that mix of GUI apps you will likely find a suitable, equal, and often times superior replacement for whatever Windows or proprietary software you may have been accustomed to prior to your switch to open source computing. Its often as simple as search, check, and install. Continue reading »